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Crop Production / Individual Production


  • Any independent individual who wishes to grow crops organically.


  • Transition to Organic production-Annuals require a period of 24 months before sowing, perennials require 36 months.


  • Organic seeds and planting material are allowed.
  • If organic source unavailable, chemically untreated seeds, planting materials can be used after permission from CB.


  • Manure from organic animal husbandry.
  • Soil management shall be by use of green manures, on-farm inputs, intercrop, crop rotation.
  • Those organic or mineral fertilizers that are brought in shall be as per Standard requirements.
  • All GMOs, synthetic nitrogenous fertilisers are prohibited.
  • Sewage sludge, growth regulators are prohibited


  • Physical barriers, buffer zones, roadside buffers, and sign boards on organic farm-Prevent commingling and/or contamination.


  • Use of preventive cultural techniques which limit the development of pests, fostering of insect predators are encouraged
  • Products used for pest, disease and weed management, prepared at the farm from local plants, animals and microorganisms are allowed.
  • The use of synthetic herbicides, fungicides, growth regulators, synthetic dyes insecticides and other pesticides are prohibited. Permitted products for plant pest and disease control shall be as per standard requirements.


  • Written plan of farm management-Annually.
  • Diary of farm with daily activities.