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Participatory Guarantee System (PGS)

Participatory Guarantee System (PGS)

Quality assurance initiative, locally relevant, emphasizes the participation of stakeholders, including producers and consumers and operates outside the frame of third party certification. Farmers belonging to same or close-by villages with at least 5 members with similar farming practices, willing to work together in a group, local, and known to each other.


  • Trust, social networks, transparency, shared vision, and knowledge exchange.


  • Inherent expenses and less documentation.

  • Small organic producers.


  • PGS Certification is applicable for local and domestic market.


  • Local groups of farmers conduct the farm appraisals themselves, maintain that group, and watch to ensure that all follow the standards and the rules. Peer appraisers are among the group, which reduces cost. Mutual recognition and support between Regional PGS Groups ensure better networking for processing and marketing.


  • PGS procedures are simple. Documents are basic and use the local language. Being themselves practicing in organic farming, farmers have high degree of understanding on day-to-day knowledge or acquaintance of the farm. Each group member needs to provide; (a) Application form. (b) Farm history sheet. (c) Farmers pledge copy duly signed.


  • Empowers farmers with increased capacity building. Brings consumers to the farm without the need of middleman.