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  • Brokers or exporters who buy and sell the product, without repacking or re-labelling it.
  • Handlers who repack or label the product.


  • Exporters must be sure to hold a copy of valid organic certificates from all their suppliers
  • NPOP Certified products (processed and unprocessed) can be sold within India, exported to the Middle East., unprocessed products to Europe, Australia, South east Asian countries.
  • NOP certified products can be traded to USA.
  • COS  certified products can be sold to Canada and USA.


  • Identification of the product at all stages of product flow during transition.
  • Segregation of organic products from in-conversion products.
  • Fumigation of containers, irradiation/ionization, etc. are prohibited.
  • The location in the warehouse during storage must be labeled as ‘organic’ or ‘in- conversion’.