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The Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) is an alternative approach to certification in the organic farming and processing industry. It is grassroots, community-based system that aims to provide organic assurance through the active participation of farmers, consumers, and other stakeholders. Unlike third-party certification, which involves external certifying bodies, PGS operates on a localized level and relies on mutual trust, transparency, and shared knowledge. It encourages active involvement and collaboration among farmers, consumers, and local organizations to ensure organic integrity. In a PGS, farmers form a local group or association and collectively establish criteria and guidelines for organic production. These guidelines are often based on national organic standards but can also include specific regional or community practices. The group conducts regular peer inspections, where members visit and assess each other’s farms to verify compliance with the agreed-upon standards. This process creates a sense of ownership and responsibility within the community. The PGS approach has several advantages. It enhances local knowledge exchange, strengthens social connections, and builds solidarity among farmers. It also help in making organic certification more accessible to small-scale farmers and local communities. Additionally, PGS fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of organic principles among consumers, who can actively engage with farmers and witness the production process. While PGS may not have the same level of recognition as third-party certification, it offers a viable alternative for communities seeking organic assurance. It promotes the democratization of the certification process, empowering farmers and consumers to take collective action in ensuring organic integrity.

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No. 38, 1st Floor & 3rd floor, 20th Main Road. First Block, Near Rajajinagar Metro Station Rajajinagar, Bengaluru 560 010.

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